Top 40 Thursday Answers February 28 2019

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Across Clues and Answers

Bird with barn and screech varieties
Ho-___ (kind of boring)
Slight setback
Code cracker’s cry
Large animal studied by a primatologist
Section of a movie
Bruno Mars and Cardi B hit on Billboard’s 2018 year-end Hot 100 … or graceful skill
Main artery of the heart
Didn’t save one’s money
Imagine Dragons hit on Billboard’s 2018 year-end Hot 100 … or lightning’s partner
Turn one’s hair pink, perhaps
Hardware store chain
Kendrick Lamar and Zacari hit on Billboard’s 2018 year-end Hot 100 … or deep affection
Second to ___ (the best)
“Don’t ___ the cart before the horse”
Knocked the socks off
XXXTentacion hit on Billboard’s 2018 year-end Hot 100 … or unhappy
___ loser (bad sport)
Thus far
Roll up, as a flag
Bazzi hit on Billboard’s 2018 year-end Hot 100 … or not yours
___ the knot (get married)
Marshmello and Anne-Marie hit on Billboard’s 2018 year-end Hot 100 … or buddies
Showed on TV
Ed Sheeran hit on Billboard’s 2018 year-end Hot 100 … or ideal
Smartphone images to tap on
“___ always wanted to try this”
Gun group founded in 1871: Abbr.
Front part of a camera
Royals manager Yost
Asian currency whose symbol is ¥

Down Clues and Answers

Bumbling people
Crack the ___ (be stern)
A trucker might drive in the rightmost one
Not well-considered, like a decision
“Life has its ___ and downs”
Make the acquaintance of
Teatime biscuit
Straight-A student, stereotypically
Cardplayer’s starting bet
Transmission setting
Alfredo or marinara, for example
Part of a briefcase that you hold
Occurred as a result
Frito-___ (snack company)
“You ___ it to yourself …”
Horse doctor, for short
Boat mover that’s sometimes called a “scull”
Hawaiian food that many tourists feel obligated to try
Vote holder on “Survivor”
It’s used for the first stroke of a golf hole
Blue cartoon character whose main enemy is Gargamel
Typical college applicants, age-wise
Gave a challenge to
Opposite of succeed
Grain used in jambalaya
The most common element on Earth, by mass
Turn around and around
“___ meeny, miney, moe, catch a tiger by the toe …”
Unit of measure for a farmer’s field
Late comic book legend ___ Lee
“New Year’s ___” (2011 movie)

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