Sports Fun Friday Answers August 31 2018

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Across Clues and Answers

Tennis shot that’s often a defensive play
Labels with clothing sizes
___ legs (seafood order)
Abbreviation on many Monopoly properties
Singer Jackson who’s in the Country Music Hall of Fame
Streaming service where you can watch “Castle Rock”
Pad you might do somersaults on
2018 “Star Wars” movie
Surrounded by
NHL team with a one-eyed logo (the other eye’s hidden because the Native American is in profile)
___ Today (national newspaper)
Company that makes 3D White Brilliance mouthwash
___ control (exterminator’s service)
NFL team with a one-eyed logo (the other eye’s hidden under an eyepatch)
“Queen Sugar” creator DuVernay
Home decor items with shades
Acorn, for example
NBA team with a one-eyed logo (the other eye’s hidden because the Irish mascot is winking)
___ on the gas (accelerate)
Button that puts the dial back to zero
CBS series that took place in Las Vegas
NHL team with a one-eyed logo (in this case, the “eye” is the center of a tropical storm)
Indonesian tourist destination
Roof edge
“All ___ Is Win” (DJ Khaled hit): 2 wds.
Ride service with SELECT and LUX options
Soaked to the ___ (drenched)
“Get outta here!”
Religious offshoot
Farm area that’s filled with mud

Down Clues and Answers

Traditional meat in a gyro
Shape of a souvenir “pressed penny”
Software testing phase
2015 Bradley Cooper/Rachel McAdams rom-com filmed in Hawaii
Glitzy fund-raising party
White-colored mountaintop
Liquor in a Planter’s Punch
Boxer who lit the Olympic flame in Atlanta in 1996
___ Light (America’s best-selling beer)
You might put a Band-Aid on one
Mother of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé
“Dodgeball: A ___ Underdog Story” (2004 comedy)
___-Man (arcade game with four ghosts)
At any point
Event with price reductions
Divisions of a house: Abbr.
Motor oil brand that’s a competitor of Pennzoil
In ___ of (instead of)
Female at an audition
Summer wardrobe item: Hyph.
“Chandelier” pop star
Car model whose name reads the same forward and backward
Yardwork tool with teeth
Cheese ___ (cheddar-flavored Nabisco crackers)
Revise before publication
Media conglomerate that produces “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune”
Trailways vehicle
“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” network
“Back to the Future” costar Thompson

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